Workshop FAQs

General Questions:

Q: What happens if I miss a class? Do I make it up?

A: There are no make-ups, but each session is recorded and emailed directly to you just in case you miss/arrive late/leave early. 

Q: What is the format for these classes? What will I need?

A: Workshops are taught in an online format. In your introductory email you will receive instructions for how to download CiscoGoToMeeting on your phone or computer (computer is recommended). The download is free. Each week I will send you a link to our meeting. You’ll follow that link to our class’s private meeting. You need the internet, a way to get on the internet, and about 75 minutes to yourself. 

Q: Why did you pick Sunday evenings at 8PM CT?

A: I have KIDS! Really, this is why. Also, I have found mothers to be a really underserved population on the creative front. Will everyone in class be a mom? No, but I want to give the option. Also, you can watch all the good shows on Monday when you REALLY need them. 

Q: Will you ever do classes at another time?

A: Maybe? 

Q: Why don’t you do this one-on-one?

A: I think a one-on-one environment creates a lot of pressure and expectation. In a group setting I find the vibe to be more relaxed and encouraging. Many times, taking a class like this is something people are doing for themselves. I want to make sure everyone feels welcome and has the opportunity to learn from one another. We all make mistakes, let’s fix them together. 

Workshop Specific Questions:

Writing and Selling Children’s Picture Books: A Purpose Driven Business

Q: What can I expect from WASCPB?

A: Other than exceedingly long and terrible acronyms? You can expect to understand the process of creating, structuring, marketing, and selling a children’s book. I’ll introduce the options of traditional, small press, and independent publishing and we’ll decide which one is right for you. The goal is that at the end of four weeks you will walk out (or stand up, I guess, because we’re on the computer) with a book and a plan. 

Q: What will we do in these meetings?

A: The first part of class will focus on information. I will go through the topics of the week and answer questions as they come. We will take a short 5 minute break and then reconvene to talk about the “homework” from the week before.

Q: Homework?!

A: Each week in class I will give you a plan of action to think through/complete and feedback on your writing. This is a crucial part of the process. I need you to think about what we discussed in concrete terms for more than just an hour each week. Our first idea isn’t always our best one, unfortunately. Remember college? Really, I want you to get the most out of our time together. I want you ready with questions each time we meet. My job will be to answer those and give you resources to empower you going forward.

Q: What happens after?

A: Our Facebook group will continue on after our sessions. I hope it will be a place that our group can continue to encourage one another and share experiences. I’ll be checking in periodically there, but really it’s up to you. I’m giving you the information and the tools, but you’ve got to bring the art.

Your voice. Your story.

Only you can write it. 

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