More pandemic inside-ness just means more books. Here is what we’ve been reading in the month of June.



The Planets (affiliate)

Fair warning we love basically anything by DK! This visual guide to the solar system is no different. We used it when we did our Solar System Unit alongside our printable 3 Part Cards. Great information and the pictures are out of this world. <—Ha

Daniel Tiger’s 5 Minute Stories (affiliate)

Not a super huge Daniel Tiger fan. You can only read “Grr-riffic” outloud so many times without feeling like a total dope, but sometimes you just need a story that you know is going to end in 5 minutes. These are sweet wholesome stories you’ve seen before if your kiddo is a fan of PBS kids.

People Aren’t Socks (affiliate on Amazon)

Full disclosure this is one of my books. It is about a young girl who has been adopted by a family of a different race. It explores differences in families and I like to say is a great book for kids who don’t look like their parents. The end message is one of unity and love.

The Velveteen Rabbit (affiliate)

OH! This is top 5 of my favorite all-time stories. Love this book and luckily the Easter bunny brought it this year. A Magical story that makes me cry like a total lunatic. The whole toys become real has never been less scary and so sweet. A MUST HAVE for your child’s bookshelf.

Hello World! Solar System (affiliate)

Super cute, easy read with one fact per planet. This is a board book we’ve had for awhile now, but it came in very handy when we were doing our solar system homeschool unit because it was a book we could share with the baby. Great for young readers and their little brothers.

Sarah and Duck and the Duck Hotel (affiliate)

When my kids get too cool for Sarah and Duck I’ll throw in the towel. I LOVE Sarah and Duck. If you don’t already watch the show on Prime it’s worth your membership. Such a sweet, funny, charming show. This is basically verbatim from the episode and still we read it again and again.

I hope you guys are staying safe out there! Keep reading!