These aren’t the only books we’re reading this month, but as my girl becomes more an more proficient we find it helps to practice on the same books again and again. Here’s some great titles that won’t make you want to jump our your child’s window when they ask for a bedtime story.

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Life-Size Animal Tracks

Super cute book with animal tracks to scale. I won’t ruin the surprise, but wait until you get to the elephant footprint!

Animal Atlas

We’re super into animals over here. The best part of this book is it mixes illustrations with actual photography. The maps are beautiful and even my toddler enjoys looking at the pictures.

Ada Twist Scientist

An absolutely gorgeous book. So sweet an rhymey and the message is outstanding. It has become a bedtime favorite since we started focusing on earth science in the last month.


Gotta love a girl who plugs her momma’s books. A very timely book (completely by chance) on first responders, teachers, scientists and the other everyday heroes in our chia’s lives.


One of the best books of all time. I love this book and I would read it to my girl every night if she wanted me to. Now that she can read it herself, it still stays on steady rotation.

Sarah & Duck Meet The Penguins

If your kids don’t already watch Sarah & Duck go buy it on Prime right now. Fantastic and very funny show. It is charming and sweet and silly enough for everyone. The books follow the episodes exactly. They take a little longer to ship because they are stocked in the UK but absolutely worth the wait.

Happy reading!