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5 tips for Rainbow Rice

I’m sure you guys have seen the dyed rice trend sweeping Pinterest called “rainbow rice”. It is rice that has been dyed or painted, then dumped in a large plastic bin for sensory activities. This is a great “busy” activity to have around. I keep 3 sensory bins under the bottom shelf of our pantry […]

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Heroes by Liza Dora: Available Now

Discover what makes someone a hero with a look at the everyday heroes that impact our lives. A positive reminder to children looking for heroes, that sometimes, we don’t have to look any further than our own front door. A charmingly illustrated picture book, perfect for boys and girls 0-9 years old. A great gift […]

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People Aren’t Socks is a San Antonio Living Back to School Book Pick

People Aren’t Socks was chosen as a 2019 San Antonio Living Back to School Book Pick! A huge thank you to the San Antonio Living crew and our good friend, and hilarious writer, Patricia W. Fischer! Order Your Copy Today!

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Lena Likes Lizards Featured In Romper

Lena Likes Lizards was featured in Romper as one of 14 Books That Teach Intersectional Feminism. Get a signed copy of Lena Likes Lizards!

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